Welcome to the Dollhouse!

We are a dynamic photography duo with over 100 weddings under our belts. After many years of shooting solo we've found our photographer soulmates in each other.  With Meagan's theater background she's able to capture the full spectrum of emotion that happens on your wedding day and Kelly's creative eye sets the perfect scene for the most romantic of couples.  We offer something no other Atlanta photographers do and we'd like to share it with you.

Kelly Lewis

Kelly's Favorite Things

1.  Favorite Movie:  Amélie
2.  My Honeymoon Spot:  Cabin in the Mountains
3.  Date Night Activity:  Board Games
4.  Leading Lady:  Emma Stone
5.  Hollywood Hunk:  Johnny, you know the one
6.  Must Have Makeup:  Chapstick, always
7.  Movie Snack:  Sour Patch Watermelon
8.  Guilty Pleasure:  Twilight, don't judge
9.  Favorite Book:  Harry Potter
10.  R&R Destination:  A B&B in Charleston
11.  Addiction:  Coca-cola
12.  Song Siren:  Lana Del Rey
13.  TV Binge:  Project Runway
14.  Favorite Shop:  TJ Maxx
15.  My Hubby in 3 Words:  Everything I'm Not


Meagan's Favorite Things

1.  Favorite Movie: Life is Beautiful
2.  My Honeymoon Spot: Excellence Resorts Playa Mujeres, Mexico
3.  Date Night Activity: A rooftop view and a bottle of wine
4.  Leading Lady: Audrey Hepburn
5.  Hollywood Hunk: Hugh Jackman
6.  Must Have Makeup: Mascara
7.  Movie Snack: Jalepeno nachos & skittles
8.  Guilty Pleasure: Dance Moms (don't hate😜)
9.  Favorite Book: Pride & Prejudice
10.  R&R Destination: Anywhere on the Mediterranean
11.  Addiction: Coffee
12.  Song Siren: Beyoncé
13.  TV Binge: Sherlock
14.  Favorite Shop: Anthropologie
15.  My Hubby in 3 Words: My favorite human



Meagan O'Neal